Avatar System

The choice of an avatar is made once and cannot be changed.
The Avatar system in Moovy is one of the key features of the game. In Moovy, players can create and customize their own avatar, which represents them in the game. Avatars can be customized with different clothing and accessories, allowing players to express their unique style and personality.
There are three different types of avatars in Moovy: Driver, Technician, and Ecologist. Each avatar type has its own unique attributes, such as Versatility, Fame, and Mastery, which can impact their performance in the game. This system determines the attributes of each avatar and car and is used to calculate the rewards players can earn in the game.
Additionally, players earn XP to level up their avatar and improve their Versatility, Fame, and Mastery. This allows players to further optimize their performance and increase their earnings and in-game development.