Talent System (TBA)

On the back of your driver's license is your avatar's talent tree.
Moovy Driving License Back Side
As you progress through the Moovy metaverse, your Avatar will evolve and gain new abilities, represented by the Talent and Level system. Each Talent you unlock will give you access to new gaming content and superpowers, allowing you to fully customize your Avatar to suit your unique playstyle.
The Level system tracks your Avatar's development and maturity, with a total of 25 Levels to progress through. Each level represents a specific measurement of your Avatar's growth, and as you reach higher levels, you'll be able to unlock even more powerful Talents.
With a total of 27 Talents and 5 Talent Points to earn, the Talent and Level system provides a comprehensive way to track your Avatar's progress and evolution within the Moovy metaverse. So get ready to level up and unlock new abilities as you immerse yourself in this exciting virtual world!