Car Attributes

Tank Capacity
The Consumption attribute determines the amount of fuel used by an NFT car per unit of time. The lower the Consumption, the less fuel you will use over time, which means more MGAS tokens earned.
The Tank Capacity attribute determines the maximum amount of fuel an NFT car can hold. The higher the Tank Capacity, the more fuel you can store, which means more distance you can travel and more MGAS tokens you can earn.
Respect is an attribute that represents the prestige and status of a vehicle in Moovy. The respect of a vehicle can be increased by improving its individual parts, such as the engine, wheels, and body. The higher the Respect value, the more attractive and desirable the car will be in Moovy, making it a sought-after vehicle in the community. By focusing on the Respect attribute, drivers can increase the earning potential of their NFT car and make their mark on the Moovy Metaverse.
Efficiency in Moovy is a key attribute that determines the performance of a car. The efficiency attribute is important for players who want to maximize their earnings and performance in the game
It is important to note that keeping track of a vehicle's mileage and regularly maintaining it can help keep it in good condition and maximize its earning potential. Regular maintenance and repairs can help to restore the car's characteristics and keep it performing at its best. With the Moovy platform, players have the tools they need to effectively manage their vehicles and ensure they are getting the most out of their NFTs.