Moovy's Freeride mode offers a unique driving experience that is different from its other modes. Instead of earning MGAS or other monetary incentives, this mode allows users to simply enjoy driving their Moovy and collect special loot boxes along the way. While driving in Freeride mode, users will also earn gaming XP that increases their avatar levels, providing an additional incentive to explore and enjoy the metaverse.
Embark on an adventure and discover the exciting surprises hidden in each loot box. Freeride mode provides a chance to simply relax, have fun, and explore the Moovy metaverse without any pressure to earn money. At the same time, users can progress their avatar levels and earn rewards by simply driving and collecting loot boxes. So why wait? Get ready for a thrilling ride and experience Moovy's Freeride mode now!
Driving in Freeride mode does not fill up your gas, but accumulates the mileage of your car, which affects the condition of the car.
It is impossible to earn a token in the Freeride mode but you are earnig XP
These boxes contain a variety of rewards such as MGAS, spare parts, and XP. The amount of time required to open a box is indicated by its quality, ranging from 10 seconds to one hour. To open the box, simply wait for the countdown to finish and then spend a small amount of MGAS (known as the Base Cost) to claim your reward. Each garage has 15 storage slots that are used to store all the rewards obtained from opening boxes.
Boxes come in 10 different qualities, and the duration of the countdown increases proportionally with the quality of the box. So get ready to hit the road and keep an eye out for those boxes! You never know when luck might strike. Good luck as you explore and enjoy the Moovy metaverse!