Garage System

Moovy Garage System
In Moovy, we've created a space where players can store their vehicles - garages. These garages can be customized to fit each player's needs and are divided into rarity levels.
As players increase their garage's rarity, the number of parking spaces and the Respect value of their cars stored in the garage will also increase.
Having multiple cars doesn't come with added costs in Moovy. In fact, owning a larger fleet will result in a gasbonus, starting at 10% for three cars and reaching 30% for nine cars. To store and use vehicles, players have access to special in-game garages that are divided by rarity and size levels.
Upon registering, players will receive a Classic rarity level garage with three parking spaces for free.
Garage rarity levels:
Each garage includes:
Car Places - space to store cars;
Storage - multiple storage units for various items such as TME Containers, Giftboxes, Avatar Skins, Numberplates, Lootboxes, and Fuel.
Spare Parts - each garage also has spare parts units for Engine oil, Radiator, Brake Pads, Rims, Transmission Oil, Transmission, Brake Disks, and Tyres. This feature allows players to customize and upgrade their cars with ease.
The Garage System in Moovy is an essential component of the game that offers players a range of customization options and provides them with sufficient storage space to manage their in-game items effectively.
Players can easily access their garages from the game's main menu, where they can select the type of garage they want to access. Once inside the garage, players can view all of their stored items and cars, as well as modify and upgrade their cars with the available spare parts.
Players can also purchase additional storage units and spare parts from the in-game store using the game's virtual currency. This allows them to expand their storage capacity and upgrade their cars to gain a competitive edge in the game.
In addition to the practical benefits of the Garage System, it also adds an immersive element to the game, allowing players to feel like they are managing their own car collection and garage.
Overall, the Garage System in Moovy is a comprehensive and engaging feature that adds significant value to the game and enhances the overall experience for players.