Moovy Overview

Introducing Moovy endorsed by BBSoft
Moovy is a drive2earn game that combines elements of driving, customization, and digital car ownership. In Moovy, players compete in rallies and quests, customize their NFT cars and avatars, and earn rewards in the form of MOIL and MGAS tokens.
One of the key features of Moovy is the driving mode, where players can earn MGAS tokens by driving their real car and starting their ride in the Moovy app. The game also features a quest system, where players can earn XP and rewards by completing specific tasks related to their avatar type (Technician, Driver, or Ecologist).
In addition to driving and questing, players can also participate in rallies, where they can compete against other players and earn XP and rewards based on their performance. The garage system in Moovy allows players to store, upgrade, and customize their NFT cars, as well as maintain them.
The token economics system in Moovy is built on the MOIL and MGAS tokens. MOIL tokens are used to purchase new NFT cars and upgrades, while MGAS tokens are earned through driving and used to purchase items in the Moovy marketplace.
Overall, Moovy is a fun and engaging game that combines elements of racing, customization, and token economics to provide a unique and rewarding experience for players.
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