Solo Ride

Welcome to Solo Ride Mode!
In Solo Ride Mode, users have access to NFT cars and can earn MGAS tokens by driving a real car. Gas is needed to start earning MGAS.
To begin, users simply choose the car they want to use and press the ride button.
If the app detects a weak GPS/internet signal or if the user is not moving organically (for example, if they are using alternative transportation or have strapped their phone to their dog), it will display "Spacerace". In this case, no MGAS will be earned and users may or may not lose gas depending on the circumstances.
The GPS signal strength is indicated by the color of the GPS signal indicator: Red indicates no GPS signal, orange indicates a poor GPS signal, and no light indicates a strong GPS signal.
The amount of MGAS earned is calculated based on the above-mentioned factors and paid out for every second of movement. So get ready to hit the road and start earning with Solo Ride Mode in Moovy!
Type and Rarity of Car - Base MGAS returns for each Car differs. Refer to the Car Attributes section for the individual breakdown of each Car type and Rarity.
Car’s Respect Attribute - The higher the respect, the more MGAS earned per second. Users can earn MGAS from Level 0 to Level 24.
Car’s Efficiency Attribute - The higher the Efficiency, the more MGAS earned per second. Users will have the option to choose between The higher the Efficiency, the slower the Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance decay, refer to the Maintenance section for more detail.
Speed of Movement - To maximize earnings, users should keep within the speed limits - minimum 10 and maximum 140 km/h.
Tank Capacity - the more Tank Capacity the car has, the more gas it can place.
Consumption Level - the lower the consumption level of a car, the more distance it can cover in relation to its Tank Capacity and, accordingly, cover a greater Maximum Distance.The more the car has a Maximum Distance, the more it has the Earning Capacity
Once you've used up your Moovy Gas, driving in Moovy's Solo Ride mode will come to a halt. You can still switch to Freeride Mode and continue tracking your ride even after MGAS has been depleted. However, if you'd like to end the session manually, just hold down the Stop button for a brief moment and you'll be on your way! Moovy makes sure that it's always easy for users to keep track of their MGAS balance and switch between driving modes according to need. So hop into Moovy today!